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I just finished the Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course. What a wonderful, wonderful way to really delve into the Bible. I cannot say enough about it. Outstanding in every area! To anyone that really wants to know the Truth, this is the way to go. Although it took me over a year to finish it, I can now go back and refresh myself through the courses again. I so appreciate the Tomorrow’s World booklets, TV broadcast, and just recently the book The Plain Truth About the Protestant Reformation by Roderick C. Meredith to find out facts about Luther and Calvin and others [who] still clung to Rome’s paganism. To each and every one of you involved in furthering God’s Work and the wonderful Truth you bring to us, thank you so much!

—Subscriber in Oklahoma

I want to thank you for your booklets. I also want to thank you for your programs for they teach the true Sabbath. There is not much on TV for Saturday and most ministers do not teach the true Sabbath. I study your booklets each night before going to bed and for Saturday service each weekend.

—Subscriber in Indiana

Thank you so much for all you do through your TV telecast, free magazines, and free Bible study course lessons. I’ve learned so much from your church. You’ve helped me through my everyday journey to seek the truth from the Bible.

—Subscriber in New York

I have received your lessons and three books. I thank you very much. I have never read or listened about the Holy Bible because we are Muslims. But it is told to and ordered of us to respect all religious books and prophets. Now about these lessons [in the Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course], I have to read questions and lessons again and again and then I am able to understand. Sometimes I cannot understand the answer. This time I am more careful to answer these lessons. There are not qualified teachers for English in our country, but some qualified teachers are in big cities. So that is why English is weak in every Pakistani. I shall send lessons after two or three days. All the best.

—Reader in Pakistan

Thank you so much for all your hard work and preaching God’s Truth so powerfully. It is so needed in this sick world. I can’t thank you enough! Keep up the great work you all are doing, not only in Australia but around the world.

—Subscriber in New South Wales, Australia

A few weeks ago, our youth director gave a children’s sermon telling the kids “You can be a boy or a girl, or you can be both—or you could be non-binary, which means you’re not either a boy or a girl.” This ruffled the feathers of many of us, and I know of a few who left our church because of it. We have rainbow “Pride” flags all over inside the church, which makes me sick—how they misuse God’s symbol of the rainbow is just plain wrong! I’m so grateful for your literature and broadcasts and watch faithfully every Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. Thank you for not being afraid to stand up for the truth! Many of my friends also watch your broadcast. Thank you again for all you do to spread the Gospel and truth.

—Subscriber in Minnesota


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