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Hello, Tomorrow’s World staff! I just wanted to say thank you for another issue of the magazine. “The Global Opioid Crisis” really hit home for me personally. I am a recovering addict. This was just a short note to express my gratitude for the words of encouragement found in my TW magazine. I must admit that most topics “scare the pants off of me.” I guess I am scared of the consequences of not heeding the doctrine that’s quoted from scripture. I am currently incarcerated, and this magazine subscription makes my prison sentence that much easier. So again, thank you to all the Tomorrow’s World staff!

—Subscriber in Louisiana

Thank you for your literature about false prophets and counterfeit Christianity. Indeed, there is so much which is false and confusing. And, yes, Satan can masquerade as an angel of light. As Jesus said, false prophets can be known by their fruits. He also referred to those who prophesied in his name. There are so many prophecy groups today.

—Subscriber in South Australia

I wanted to write you a note to say “Thank you” so much for sending me the Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course, Lessons 1–4. I have really enjoyed doing lesson 1 and I’m ready for lesson 2. I love looking up all the scriptures and I feel like I’m retaining what I’ve looked up much better than usual. I don’t know how I received your Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course Lessons 1–4, but I’m very grateful! I’ve learned so, so much as I’ve looked up the scriptures and read the notes also in my Bible. Thank you again for the study book you sent me. It has been a joy to my spirit and in making my heart more eager to know more about Jesus.

— Subscriber in Oklahoma

Greeting you again from Fiji in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for the book I have received last week. May God bless you all.

—Reader in Fiji

I feel privileged to contribute to God’s Work. I am delighted to reconnect with the true Church. As a senior citizen I find it difficult to attend services but appreciate being able to catch Sabbath services by way of webcast. My prayer is that God will continue to bless the Church with growth and reach as many that are hurting for the true Gospel.

—Subscriber in South Carolina

Just a note of appreciation for your tireless Christian advocacy and excellent journalism. “What is the Value of Human Life?” in the October 2022 edition confronts in a balanced, historically valid manner the current slaughter of the innocents in government-sponsored and protected “vile facilities that masquerade as medical units.” Here in Australia, and particularly here in Queensland, that masquerades as the “Smart State.”

—Subscriber in Queensland


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