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Letters to TW

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Dear Tomorrow’s World ministries, thank you so very much for all of your hard work and diligent tenacity in spreading the true word of God to all who wish to learn and to those who were taught wrongly throughout the world and wish to change their ways before it’s too late. Myself being one of the latter, I am very grateful for all the free publications you’ve sent so I’m able to know and live by God’s truth and Gospel. Thank you.

Subscriber in Nevada

The Bible Study Course has been an eye-opener. Many years of Bible classes have not covered what your course has. I started with a new Bible underlining the Bible course questions and making notes. I also went back to the books you sent underlining the scriptures in the books and marking them in the new Bible. I am looking in the Bible I have used for years, comparing to the new. I have missed a lot over the years. Thank you for making this course available.

Subscriber in Kansas

I feel some pleasure when I find Tomorrow’s World in my mailbox. Thank you for sending me a copy of Evolution and Creation: What Both Sides Miss some time ago. I plodded through it gradually as bedtime reading. Although I got the drift of it, I resolved to reread it, which I am now doing in order to fully appreciate it.

Subscriber in Tasmania

I just finished reading the Old Testament for the first time, and was amazed by how much of the Bible is being fulfilled every day. Your literature is so very helpful, and I really enjoy reading and studying it. The book of Revelation has always been difficult for me to understand and I am hoping your booklet will help me understand better. I think the work you do is awesome and your teachings follow God’s word.

Subscriber in Mississippi

I am an old Mexican missionary. My income is low. My husband who is now deceased found your association which has been a tremendous blessing of knowledge. Thank you for sharing your book of prophecy on Germany with me. I have been very grateful for the knowledge you have taught me on world facts and revelation on Bible facts. May God richly bless your work; so many people don’t know depth of truth about the Bible.

Reader in Texas

I appreciate your magazines. They are straightforward, truthful, and most of all, enlightening. I read them over and over again, and now understand why nations act the way they do. Thank you for relating the happenings now to what the Bible says.

Subscriber in the United Kingdom

Tomorrow’s World, you are the only one I can trust to receive biblical answers correctly! I look forward to each magazine to keep me up on the world news in the Bible. I totally agree with your letter. I can’t believe that Germany is on the rise again! I’m looking for Jesus to return, hopefully soon! I have fought for my country all my life and I’m watching it self-destruct. I can’t believe we are so divided. Please send me the Germany in Prophecy booklet.

Subscriber in Ohio


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