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Natural Disasters

Is “The Big One” Coming?

News reports occasionally feature "The Big One"—the expectation of an earthquake of mammoth magnitude wreaking widespread destruction. What did Jesus say about earthquakes? Does the Bible foretell a massive earthquake striking the Earth in the last days?

Behind the Cloak of COVID-19

For the last few months, the novel coronavirus pandemic has seemed at times like a cosmic black hole: It has relentlessly consumed everyone’s attention—especially in the media. Turn on the television or radio, scan headlines on the web, or swipe through the news on your phone, and COVID-19 often dominates the headlines and discussion. However, behind the ominous, ever-present cloak of the virus, the world is suffering from numerous other calamities.

Signs of the End of the Age

Jesus Christ responded to His disciples’ question about the impending destruction of Jerusalem and, further, when the end of the age would come by pointing to many conditions. He described various worldwide calamities, including religious deceptions, wars, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes.

Understanding the Coming Plagues of Prophecy

Plague doctor walking

Knowing what is ahead and what it all means goes beyond simply understanding the Book of Revelation. Many parts of Bible prophecy speak of pestilence and tribulation in the end times. Will a deeper knowledge of these future events help lead you to repentance?

Chernobyl Nuclear Fallout

Decades after the worst nuclear disaster in history, the now-shuttered nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine, is in the news again. Thirty-four years ago, the plant’s reactor number 4 melted down. Since that time, the surrounding radioactive towns have been almost vacant, and the site has become a tourist attraction. In the last few weeks, a major forest fire burned very close to the now closed but still hot nuclear reactor (BBC, April 13, 2020).