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Natural Disasters

Midwest Flooding Not Over

A recent “bomb cyclone” brought devastating rains, snowmelt and flooding to the American Midwest, the region known as the “bread basket” of the United States. In Nebraska alone, officials estimate $1.4 billion in losses—mainly in crops and cattle (Smithsonian, March 21, 2019). Nebraska’s governor noted that following a flood of far less severity in 2011, it took over 100 days for flood waters to subside.

Will You Escape the Day of the LORD?

Prophets, astrologers, and seers have predicted the end of the world. And we have not believed them. But scientists, such as the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, also warn of cosmic catastrophes! These scientists have set the symbolic Doomsday Clock to two minutes before midnight! The Day of the Lord prophesied in your Bible is surely coming on planet Earth. Will you escape the Day of the Lord? You can, if you follow the instructions in your Bible.

500,000 Cattle Die in Queensland

Following nearly a decade of drought, Queensland received much needed rain last month—rain that has brought with it more disaster (CNN, February 13, 2019)! The devastating rains on the parched land brought tremendous flooding that subsequently drowned and starved almost a half-million head of cattle. Photos from the air show dead cows huddled together to avoid rising waters and the driving rain and cold.

“Once in a Century” Flooding in Australia

Queensland in northeastern Australia is experiencing devastating flooding. More than 20,000 homes are at risk of inundation as floodwaters engulf neighborhoods—even bringing displaced saltwater crocodiles!