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Thank you. I was asking God to reveal to me the one true church that leads to Him. I never asked Him this before now. Here you are as an answer. [Written in response to the free booklet, Where Is God’s True Church Today?]
Email from Reader

Editor’s Note: We are delighted to hear that you believe you have found God’s true Church. For those interested in contacting one of our ministers to ask about attending a Sabbath service, an interactive map of our congregations is available on our website. Simply go to TomorrowsWorld.org and click on the “Find a Congregation” link near the bottom of the page. Or you can contact us at one of our Regional Addresses on page 4 of this magazine.

I wish to thank the Tomorrow’s World TV programs and literature for helping me come back to God’s word after thirty-odd years of giving away God and Christ. Thank you for the bi-monthly Tomorrow’s World magazine. Your explanations on disturbing world events have opened up my mind as to why these events are happening and where they and mankind are leading. Thank you also for the literature and CDs that I had requested and received to date, as the information is helping me find an inner peace that I have not experienced in over thirty years.
Reader in Victoria, Australia

I received your magazine, and I was truly amazed as I read “A personal message from the Editor in Chief” in this month’s issue [May-June 2018]! It is something that I have been having an inner turmoil with. I’ve been really questioning why we celebrate Christ’s birth on the 25th of December, knowing that it was a pagan holiday. And why do we hold the Sabbath on Sunday, when it actually should be on Saturday? Thank you so much for bringing this subject up. I was having a hard time trying to decide how to handle these questions, but it is becoming [clearer] to me! How are we to know God’s time if we are so deceived by these pagan traditions? Thank you.
Reader in New York

Editor’s Note: We are glad that Mr. Gerald Weston’s article has helped you! If you are still in need of answers to your questions, we gladly suggest our free booklets, The Holy Days: God’s Master Plan and Which Day is the Christian Sabbath? They are available from the Regional Offices listed on page 4 and also from our website at TomorrowsWorld.org.

I am writing to let you know that I have received three booklets: God’s Church Through the Ages, God’s Plan for Happy Marriage and Does God Heal Today? I am really thankful for these resources and hope they will profit us spiritually.
Reader in Rwanda

For the last two or three years, I have been saying the same things this article [“Tame the Social Media Monster,” March-April 2018] says, though Mr. Weston is so much better at presenting the information than I am. I, too, have been urging my friends with children to follow the examples of the people at the top of these tech companies, who know how much damage their so-called products and services are doing to our youth, and to protect them from these dark forces. Be parents! Don’t let anyone or anything usurp your duties and responsibilities to your own kids.
Reader in Alberta, Canada


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