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Dear Brothers in Christ, I live in India and came to know about your magazine Tomorrow’s World through my son, who lives in Sydney, Australia. I have received your July-August 2019 edition of the magazine and read your article “Do You Really Want to Eat That?” written by Douglas S. Winnail. It’s really informative, with scientific reasons. Thank you very much for educating today’s world through Tomorrow’s World. My sincere thanks to all the Editorial staff. God bless you.

—Subscriber in Bangalore

My husband has received this magazine for years. He passed away last year, and I contacted your office to have the subscription cancelled, since I have a vision impairment and can’t read it. I was told I could still have access to it online. My husband would read it to me, and we enjoyed studying from it. There are not words to express my joy of still having access to this literature. THANK YOU!

—Subscriber in Arkansas

Editor’s Note: Much of our literature can be listened to on our website, TomorrowsWorld.org. Look near the top of any booklet or article’s webpage to see if there is a playable audio file.

A few days ago, I worked as a security guard in an elderly people’s home. Within a stack of Hello! Canada magazines I found a single copy of your Tomorrow’s World. It was a pleasant surprise to read it, agreeing with your journal’s truly biblical direction and valuable contents. When I was a teenager, brainwashed by Soviet propaganda, my best reading was a huge Bible in Hungarian, illustrated by Gustave Doré (1832–1883). Despite the wonderful Bible, our family was atheist. In those days, I saw a movie suggesting that God’s intelligent angels visiting Earth may have been astronauts. Everything seemed confusing, so I made the first major prayer in my life. It was a request to God to let me understand the Bible, its heroes, the places and dates. I wanted to know if everything was true in those stories, and how the miracles happened. I ended my prayer with a condition: “Dear Lord! I cannot become a Christian if I do not get an explanation for my questions.” But perhaps it was not an accident to find a single copy of Tomorrow’s World before my death. I am 70 years old and not planning to live on earth forever. My original professions are geologist and land surveyor, presently a retired “born-again” Christian. Thank you for your precious time and kind attention. Please do not hesitate to publish this humble letter in any edited form as you wish. Best regards to you, with your editors and readers: they are following the right leaders.

—Reader in Alberta

Thank you for so much leadership in the Scriptures. I love seafood, but now I have taken a look at scriptures, and I have come to change a lot about myself and my diet. Thanks again.

—Subscriber in Missouri

Something has happened. I think I know the truth now. It’s more than a belief—it is so simple in beauty that it is a marvel to my mind… and I am relieved to find truth in a world built on lies. I need to heal myself now and look forward to life, and I believe the time has come for the truth and for people including me to realise we have been deceived.

—Reader in the United Kingdom

Editor’s Note: This reader is referring to what he learned after reading our free booklet Satan’s Counterfeit Christianity. For your own copy, contact any of the Regional Offices listed on page 4 of this magazine.


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