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I found that it was rewarding doing the first lesson [of the Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course]. Thank you so much for all the information in the books and magazines that I have been reading. It has brought me closer to the Lord. I find all the magazines and booklets I have been reading very rewarding. As a pastor, I found that I don’t know the Bible as well as I thought I did and was doing many things the pagans’ way. But now I am doing the right things, so thank you so very much.

— Subscriber in Swainsboro, GA

I just would like to say thank you for providing me with all the materials. I can’t stop reading, listening, and studying with the help of the materials you have blessed me with. Thank you for all the hard work you are doing in the name of our Lord. God bless you all.

— Subscriber in Liverpool, Merseyside, UK

In these times of uncertainty, you are truly a Godsend! I’ve been a longtime subscriber to your magazine and other study aids that you provide. It is so wonderful that you tell the truth according to God’s word. Over the last number of years, I have learned so much from Tomorrow’s World, and especially now. I look to you for the truth about what’s going on in the world and how we desperately need to look to God for true forgiveness and salvation.

— Subscriber in Medicine Hat, AB, Canada

I’m an avid reader of your magazine publications as well as your Christian books and booklets. So helpful, your publications are. I urge you and your staff to keep the standards up.

— Subscriber in Harare, Zimbabwe

Marijuana has been proven to help more than it hurts. Research it. Stop listening to anti-marijuana propaganda! It does make you ignorant to the facts! Don’t like marijuana? Then don’t use it! It’s way better then alcohol, pills, crack, cocaine, cigarettes, etc. How many have those killed? Hundreds of thousands if not hundreds of millions of people. How many has marijuana killed? Zero. I’ve never heard anyone getting killed because of marijuana or over it! Not to mention if it was legalized, all that money could help pay for roads, schools, [and] debt, among other things, like jobs, but no some of you people don’t want that. Ugh. I am sick and tired of you people who are anti-marijuana. If you are so against marijuana, then don’t smoke it. Stop trying to spread anti-marijuana propaganda lies.

—Email from a Reader

Editor’s Note: Thank you for the feedback, though our position is more “pro-truth” than “anti-marijuana,” and the truth about the harmful impact of marijuana on both society and individuals is plain to see for those with willing eyes. Some of the mistaken ideas and arguments repeated in this email are addressed very thoroughly in our free booklet Marijuana: What They Aren’t Telling You. You can obtain your own free copy by contacting the Regional Office nearest you, listed on page 4, or by following the links to our contact information page or directly to the literature request form.

I received a copy of the September-October 2020 issue of Tomorrow’s World today. I loved reading every article in it. Thanks for providing Bible verses; it makes Bible reading more interesting. I’m now taking notes of every verse quoted, which could be handy in our weekly Bible studies. Kudos for the work you do. God bless!

— Subscriber in Ropes Crossing, NSW, Australia


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