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Thank you so much for your valued information through your news magazine. In these days (the last days) your teachings are exactly what believers need as your teachings always are rooted in and verified by biblical passages.

Subscriber in Missouri

Hello, I’m from Papua New Guinea. I have watched a video about the mark of the beast uploaded by Tomorrow's World on YouTube. That video really surprised me. I thank God for revealing this truth about the mark of the beast through [your work]. And I also want to thank you people for sharing this video for all of us to watch it. Thank you very much.

—Subscriber in Papua New Guinea

Thank you so much for this great literature that I am receiving. I do enjoy reading the articles, more so because I just started being a Sabbath-keeper this year. My questions are answered, and I discovered more truths I did not know reading the articles. Have been greatly blessed by this very informative and mind/soul nourishing literature.

—Subscriber in Fiji

In reading your magazine, the February 2022 issue, I want to reassure you that I have read the opening article “The Precious Few Who Get It.” I know you ponder the question of “how many will read this column?” But you should know that at least this nobody, considered scum of the earth sitting in prison, cherishes your words! I know that I’ve only been in contact with your Church and literature for a short time, but God has opened my eyes to His truth and I am so elated to know you all speak His truth! I’ve read five or six of your booklets and a couple of magazines, every word. Just know this guy truly appreciates your work. I truly thank you for sending of your literature to me. Each day, I mean each day, I am making time to pray, study, and read the Bible along with your literature. How encouraging it is!

—Subscriber in North Carolina

After reading your booklets and watching the telecast (even falling asleep at nights watching on YouTube not that they are boring, mind you), I must say I am pretty much never going to be setting foot in another Church on Sunday! Never! I am fully convinced that it is definitely not the day of worship after just finishing the booklet Which Day Is the Christian Sabbath? I actually never knew it would be so easy, after over a decade in a Pentecostal church, to decide to quit this Sunday foolishness. I have spoken with your Minister in Jamaica and he has really been helpful. He has accommodated me at the times when I call him. Thanks much and do pray for me as I do mean to walk with God.

—Subscriber in Jamaica

Editor’s Note: We are glad to hear it! Anyone interested in speaking to one of our local representatives or attending a Living Church of God congregation can contact us at one of the Regional Offices or visit our website at LCG.org.


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