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March-April 2018

Tame the Social Media Monster!
England Rebels Against Rome
The Real Jesus Christ
Wise Learning
Royal Air Force Faces Uncertain Future
It Is Time to Wake Up!
America Achieves Its Manifest Destiny
Detecting a Stealthy Enemy
The War Beneath Your Skin
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

January-February 2018

Unlock the Mysteries of the Bible!
The Birth of Calvinism
Marijuana: Is There Any Good Reason to Get High?
A Beneficial Friendship
A Century Since the Spanish Flu
There Really Is Good News!
An Unexpected Outcome of China’s New Silk Road
Seeking Gold
The Butterfly: Master of Metamorphosis
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

November-December 2017

Marijuana: What They Aren’t Telling You
Sins of Racism, Anarchy and Secularism!
Martin Luther Unleashed
’Tis the Season
Don’t Lose Sight of Your Goals
The Balfour Declaration Turns 100
What Is the Best Teacher?
Gjoa Haven, Nunavut
Can We Create Another Earth?
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

September-October 2017

What Comes After World War III?
Why Kids Go Wrong, Part 2
The Reformation Grows
The Family Cow and You
Character and the Duke of Edinburgh Award
If the Lord Is God
Will Christianity Conquer Terrorism?
How Britain Became Great
Modern-day Gladiators
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

July-August 2017

Liberty’s Progress— The American Revolution from a British Perspective
The Break with Rome
Miracles of the American Revolution
What If I Don’t Want Christ to Return?
The Chunnel: Icon of National Cooperation
"He Tells It Like It Is!"
Ending the "Generation Gap"
Into the Storm!
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

May-June 2017

Why Kids Go Wrong
Setting the Stage for Revolution
Will Space Be the Ultimate Battleground?
Meditations on a Water Fountain
Do You Value Life?
Brexit—A Messy Divorce?
Live the Way!
Trade War!
The Remarkable Rise of the West
Boys: The Latest Victims of the New Left
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

March-April 2017

The Plain Truth about the Protestant Reformation - Part 1
Prepare to Inherit the Earth!
The Power of Gratitude
Follow Your Heart?
Are Millennials Really So Bad?
Defending Britain’s Honour
Build Faith and Courage
Europe’s Unique Role in History
Signal Hill
Home, Sweet (Cosmic) Home!
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

January-February 2017

Did Dinosaurs Kill God?
Key Events Just Ahead
The Treasure of God’s Promises
Oil On The Water
Listen with a Discerning Ear
The Humility of Michael Faraday
False Prophets Are Coming!
Europe, Christianity & God’s Plan
Canada: Reflections at 150
The Majesty of Mountains
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

November-December 2016

Should Christians Keep Christmas?
Almighty God Controls the Weather!
Seven Secrets for a Joyous Marriage
The Signs of the Times
Really, I Am Thankful
By Their Fruits You Will Know Them
The Suez Crisis: 60 Years On
What Should You Believe?
How "Christianity" Changed the World
The Man Who Worked with All His Might