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January-February 2015

The Lunch Bucket Theory
"It Is Well With My Soul"
Parliament and the "Right to Die"?
Study to Avoid Deception!
The Demise of the West
"Old Tomorrow"--The Patriot Statesman
Questions and Answers

November-December 2014

Why Are Things Going WRONG?
Revelation: A Message of Warning... and Hope!
Really, I am Thankful...
The Economics of Christmas
An Exception to the Rule?
Nelson's Call to Duty!
“Peace” When There Is No Peace?
Deutschland über Alles!
Do We Live in a Multiverse?
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

September-October 2014

Watch the Middle East
Which Jesus Do You Worship?
Ecumenism and End-Time Prophecy
Why Work?
Make a Commitment!
Why Keep the Sabbath?
There Must Be National and Personal Repentance!
Coming Plagues: The Pale Horse
Lest We Forget!
The Enigmatic Human Brain
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

July-August 2014

The End of War?
Do You Seek God?
Does the Sabbath Matter?
The Sounds of Summer
A Lesson in Kite-Flying
You Are Not Stupid!
Britannia Waives the Rules
Are You Ready for Tough Times Ahead?
The Ecumenical Delusion
Jennie's Garden
The Liquid of Life
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

May-June 2014

Will You Be Left Behind?
You Can Understand Prophecy!
Bible vs. Quran: Where Is the Truth?
Have You Caught the Fire?
Little Things
Old Can Be Good
The Miracle of D-Day
Searching for True Christianity
Why Is Germany Rising?
Questions and Answers

March-April 2014

What is Truth?
Why Don't Most Churches Preach the Truth?
True Education: Can You Find It?
Seventy-Two Hours
It Is Your Move...
Go After Wisdom!
Who Are the Irish?
Open Doors for the Gospel
Last Days Prophesied!
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

January-February 2014

You Can Understand The Bible!
God's Master Plan
The Unknown God?
The Pursuit of Dreams
The Sleeper
Think Before You Ink!
Human Trafficking Makes a Comeback
Will Mankind "Obliterate" the Bible?
Squandering the Blessings of the Sea
The Marvelous Human Hand
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

November-December 2013

Tipping Point
Will Protestantism Disappear?
The Day of the Lord
The Dogs of War
Count Your Blessings
Building Pillars for Success
Magna Carta Remembered
Beware of Satanic Confusion!
Reputation, Character and Leadership
How Big Is the Universe?
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

September-October 2013

Is This China's Century?
Pornography: The Dirty Little Secret
Is God Alive?
The International Day of Peace
Learning from Mistakes
Modern Lessons from Ancient Pompeii
Hope for a Suffering World
Enjoy It While You Can?
An Empire Rising Again?
Consider the Beaver
Questions and Answers