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March-April 2002

Loyalty to Our Leaders
Eco-crisis — the Real Significance!
Questions and Answers

January-February 2002

Wake Up, America!
Principles of Prophecy
The Reformation and Religious Deception
How Did We Get the Bible?
A "Faithless" Generation?
The Euro: Prelude to a Superstate?
Questions and Answers

November-December 2001

The Way to Peace: The Missing Dimension
Does God Heal TODAY?
What Is the Unpardonable Sin?
What Is Real Religion?
Kwanzaa, Christmas and God's Word
Terrorism: Why?
Significant Religious Trends
Questions and Answers

September-October 2001

Europe: 12 Years After the Wall
How God Intervenes in Human Affairs
What is True Success?
The Feminist Mistake
Total Surrender
The Return of Epidemic Disease
Questions and Answers

July-August 2001

The Middle East in Prophecy
What Is Your Attitude Toward the Bible?
Legalized Gambling: Economic Boom or Social Bust?
Islam in History and Prophecy
A Key to POWER
Decline of the West-WHY?

May-June 2001

The Reality of Christ's Coming Kingdom
Bible Principles of Health
Principles of Bible Study
Can You Really Change Your Life?
Do You Ever "Seek" God?
Are We Living in the Last Days?

March-April 2001

Should You Tithe?
The Day of the Lord
Families in Flux
Are You Walking in the Footsteps of Christ?
America at the Crossroads?
Jerusalem's Sobering Future!

January-February 2001

Who Is the Harlot of Revelation 17?
Why We Get High
Fragmentation in the Age of Globalism
Is There a Real Devil?
Are You SURE?

November-December 2000

How Would Jesus Vote for President?
Will We Conquer Space?
Shaping Our Modern World
What Is Hidden by the Holidays?
The Character Issue

September-October 2000

Return of the Dragon
Is the —Beast— Awakening?
What Is True Education?
Why America Is Losing Valuable Friends and Allies
Does Character Really Matter?
Signs of the Times

July-August 2000

Who Was the God of the Old Testament?
What Is Happening to Our Kids?
A Different Gospel?
A Way of Life

May-June 2000

When Will Jesus Christ Return?
What's Ahead for Russia?
Cultures in Crisis
True Christians Need COURAGE
Questions and Answers

March-April 2000

What Is True Christianity?
Holidays Or Holy Days?
Rebuilding Healthy Families
Is There Life After Death?
Real Understanding
Questions and Answers

January-February 2000

The New Millennium And YOU
Behind the Mists of Ireland
Save Your Marriage!
The Secret Rapture-False Hope for End-Time Christians!
PROVE All Things
Questions and Answers

October-December 1999

Uncovering Apostolic Christianity
The Middle East-Will A New Millennium Bring Peace at Last?
The Real God
The Power of Prayer
The Most VITAL Knowledge of All!
Questions and Answers

July-September 1999

The Mystery of Revelation
A Turning Point in World Affairs
Sea Gates in Peril
Youth Violence-What Difference Can Parents Make?
Jews, Israelites, God's Love and Prophecy
Questions and Answers

May-June 1999

Seven Reasons Why Christ MUST Return!
NATO at 50 — Historic Past, Hopeful Future?
A Fourth Reich?
What Is Hell?
A New Magazine of Understanding!